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About the Masterclass

With the increasing development in the Artificial intelligence, the need to understand it’s impact on the Legal Profession is a need of an hour. In order to cover this facet of the legal profession, The Legal Lock is coming up with a masterclass over the same.

About the Speaker

As a Renaissance doctor of the 21st century, Professor (Dr) Sanjay Rout seamlessly navigates the worlds of psychiatry, technology, journalism, law, coaching, authorship, innovation, and research, bringing together disparate disciplines for the common goal of finding solutions to pressing global issues. With multiple doctorates and a vast array of expertise, Dr Rout is a visionary leader with a passion for advancing humanity through his groundbreaking work of Innovative Solutions.

More than two decades of experience in multiple domains, With a legal and technologist background, I bring a unique perspective to the table. My expertise spans across various fields including business, psychology, healthcare, education, energy, environment, policy, journalism, coaching, research, knowledge management, and advisory consulting.

The Masterclass Schedule

Masterclass 1 (December 16-17, 2023)

  1. The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Legal Practice: Exploring the Possibilities and Limitations
  2. Future of Legal Education: Preparing Law Students for a Technology-Driven Future
  3. Blockchain and Smart Contracts in the Legal Industry: Opportunities and Challenges

Masterclass 2 (To be scheduled soon)

  1. The Use of Virtual and Augmented Reality in Courtrooms: Enhancing Trial Advocacy
  2. Predictive Analytics and Data-Driven Decision Making in Legal Practice: Ethical Implications and Best Practices
  3. Impacts of New Technologies on Traditional Legal Services: Adapting to the Changing Market
  4. Legal Ethics in the Age of Big Data: Navigating the Intersection of Privacy and Innovation

Masterclass 3 (To be scheduled soon)

  1. The Future of Intellectual Property Law: Emerging Technologies and Legal Challenges
  2. AI-Powered Legal Research and Document Review: Improving Efficiency and Accuracy in Legal Practice
  3. The Rise of Online Dispute Resolution: Advantages, Limitations, and Future Directions for Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Registration Fee:

After December 8: Rs 299/- 

Early Bird Offer: Rs 199/- (Valid till December 8, 2023)

Who Can attend the Masterclass ?

It is a general course which would be of immense value to persons who fall in the following categories:

Managers/Business Managers;
Professionals, in any field;
Corporate Professionals;
Students/Law students.

How to Register ?

Contact Information

Paarth Jain: 91+ 7247883885

Varun Agarwal: 91+ 9997113838

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