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Right to Health, Right to die, Right to Education |Case Laws

The Right to Life, of course, cannot be upheld if every person is not given access to proper health and medical assistance. It is the most primary prerequisite to living a full life. 


The true spirit of Judicial Activism has been portrayed in the Vishaka Judgement and it has been an inspiration to other nations. However, Bhanwari Devi, the spark that ignited the need for appropriate legislation to safeguard women against sexual harassment, even after two decades, is still awaiting justice to be served.

Case Analysis |Pushpalatha vs. V. Padma & Ors. |Detailed

The plaintiff, Pushpalatha N.V., filed an appeal against a decree by the trial court claiming a one-fifth part of the properties in the suit against one-twentieth part held by the trial court in A, B and E schedule properties, as C and D were misplaced under the Land Reforms Act.

Constitutionality of Aadhaar: THE AADHAR CARD JUDGEMENT

The Aadhaar card includes a unique number that works as an identity proof and as an address proof in India. Earlier there were numerous cards to enjoy government subsidies, and benefits like driver’s license, voter ID, ration card which is now replaced by a single Aadhaar card.

Case Biref |Danamma @ Suman Surpur vs Amar

This landmark case definitely enhances women’s property rights and gender equality, especially given that daughters did not have an equal claim on ancestral property in India until recently.


Carlill vs. Carbolic the Smoke Ball case addressed whether an advertising company gimmick can be considered an express contractual promise to pay. Because the contract was made unilaterally, acceptance can be made without formal communication.

Case Brief |BOULTON VS JONES (1857)

The concept of an offer is considered to be one of the most exciting and at the same time complex tasks to deal with for a lawyer. It is one of the very basic first steps that a person trying to study law needs to understand.


The case of William vs Carwardine (1833) is a landmark English Case Law that briefs us with the key concept of the Law of Contracts where a contract comes into force through the offer of a reward.


The overall goal of the BALCO decision is to protect the future from previous incorrect and anachronistic rulings, as well as to encourage Indian courts to become more arbitration-friendly and thus less likely to participate in the arbitral phase, in accordance with the fundamental theory and ethos of the New York Convention and UNCITRAL Model Rule.

Cas Brief |Visa International Ltd v Continental Resources (USA) Ltd

The court placed emphasis and provided a clear explanation of how it recognizes the parties’ arbitration agreement. This article is a case study of the same case that discusses each aspect in detail with critical analysis.

Essar House v Arcellor Mittal |Analysis

The judgment appears to clear up any confusion regarding the standards for granting interim protection under the Arbitration Act, particularly regarding whether the CPC 1908’s applicable level must be met before interim protection under the Arbitration Act is granted.

Case Brief |Ram Kripal Singh vs NTPC

The parties’ execution of a Contract Agreement (the “contract”) followed the issuance of the Letter of Award.

Mohammed Ahmed vs Shah Bano and Anr. |Case Brief

Background ‘Essentials conditions for granting maintenance include the following points”: Facts of the Case Three boys and two daughters were born to Mohd Ahmed Khan (the appealing party), a lawyer by profession, and Shah Bano Begum (the respondent), whom he…

Case Brief |TDM Infrastructure Private Vs UE Development

The decision distinguished between International Commercial Arbitration and Domestic Arbitration by putting them to the test of nationality and domicile.

Case Brief: Swadesh Kumar Agarwal v. Dinesh Kumar Agarwal

The Sole Arbitrator was absent on one of the specified occasions, making it impossible for him to conduct the proceedings.