Guaranteed MSP |Good or Bad? |Reasonability and Impacts?

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MSP Guarantee good or bad?


MSP is the minimum fee which the authorities will pay for the farmers’ produce at the time of procurement. It is geared toward saving the plants from fee fluctuations within the market.

The MSP constant through the authorities is taken into consideration as being remunerative for farmers. 

History of MSP

MSPs have been first brought in 1966-sixty seven whilst the USA followed Green Revolution technologies. To enhance home manufacturing and inspire farmers to plant the excessive yielding varieties, the authorities resorted to MSP. A minimal help charge becomes assured to them. 

MSP in Agriculture

MSP is a shape of presidency intervention to ensure the farmers are in opposition to a steep decline within the expenses in their items and to assist them to save you losses. The authorities of India unit the MSP two times a yr for twenty-four commodities.

This is achieved via way of means of the authorities to guard the farmers in opposition to a fall in expenses in a yr of bumper production. When the marketplace fee falls underneath the declared MSP, the authorities could buy the whole amount from the farmers at MSP. 

The chief objectives of setting up MSP are:

  1. Support farmers from distress sales
  2. To procure food grains for public distribution

Factors for Recommending the MSP:

• The CACP considers different factors whilst recommending the MSP for a commodity, consisting of the price of cultivation.

• It takes under consideration the delivery and call for a scenario for the commodity, marketplace rate trends (home and global) and parity vis-à-vis different crops, and implications for consumers (inflation), environment (soil and water use) and phrases of change among agriculture and non-agriculture sectors. 

Significance of MSP Hike:

• The introduced recognition on Nutri-rich, Nutri-cereals is to incentivise its manufacturing within the regions in which rice-wheat can’t be grown without a long time negative implications for groundwater table.

• Concerted efforts had been remodelled a previous couple of years to realign the MSPs in favour of oilseeds, pulses and coarse cereals to inspire farmers to shift to large regions below that vegetation and undertake excellent technology and farm practices, to accurate demand- deliver imbalance.

Issues with MSP

• The essential trouble with the MSP is the lack of presidency equipment for procurement for all plants besides wheat and rice, which the Food Corporation of India actively procures beneath neath the PDS.

• As kingdom governments procure the closing mile grain, the farmers of states wherein the grain is procured absolutely via way of means of the authorities gain extra whilst the ones in states that procure much less are frequently affected.

  • The MSP-primarily based totally procurement gadget is likewise depending on middlemen, fee dealers and APMC officials, which smaller farmers discover hard to get get admission to to. 


  •  The CACP, in its charge coverage document for the 2018-19 kharif advertising and marketing season, had counseled enactment of a regulation conferring on farmers ‘The Right to Sell at MSP’. This, it felt, become necessary “to instil self assurance amongst farmers for procurement in their produce”.
  •  The authorities have to be selling crop and animal agriculture that still ends in intake of meals wealthy in proteins, vitamins, minerals and nutritional fibre — in place of simply energy and sugar — with the aid of using the people. 
  • The proper manner to do it’s miles with the aid of using freezing the MSPs of paddy and wheat, except capping their procurement at, say, 10-15 quantal consistent with acre consistent with farmer. 

What MSP support really entails

  • Government procurement at MSP can and have to be multiplied past modern levels, however it’s miles most effective one in every of numerous mechanisms that may be used to guide the farmers. Procurement for the general public distribution gadget have to be multiplied to encompass millets, pulses, and oilseeds.
    • That could additionally assist meet the vitamins wishes of crores of families. Providing 1kg of pulses to every of the 750 million PDS beneficiaries could generate a call for approximately thirteen million tonnes of pulse crops, giving a lift to pulse manufacturing that presently stands at approximately 23 million tonnes. 
  • The second mechanism might be a strong and well timed marketplace intervention every time the marketplace expenses fall under MSP. This might imply increasing the operations of present businesses like MARKFED and NAFED with higher funding, garage and advertising and marketing capacities.
    • They want to buy best part of the crop, say 10-20 in step with cent, and this will shore up the expenses for the farmers withinside the relaxation of the marketplace too. Such a scheme does exist, however its finances want a quantum jump. 
  • If this fails, the authorities can use a 3rd mechanism via way of means of manner of deficit payment. The authorities can compensate the farmers for the distinction among the MSP and the fee they honestly secured.
    • This turned into attempted in Madhya Pradesh, because the Bhavantar Bhugtan Yojana (BBY), however the test failed because of its negative design. It have to be designed afresh, with enough finances allotted for this purpose. 
  • The fourth, and the closing resort, mechanism is to make it unlawful to exchange under MSP. This isn’t a silver bullet answer and might boomerang if now no longer supported through the primary three.
    • Used sparingly, penal provisions for violators might act as a deterrent to make certain that the marketplace officers put in force the provisions. 

A prudent blend of those 4 techniques can certainly make certain that no farmer gets a charge decrease than the respectable minimal assist charge.

The call for assured MSPs is simplest beneficial if there may be additionally corresponding procurement. Otherwise, any such assurance is meaningless.

The problem of the MSP procurement machine isn’t pretty much it is possible for only some vegetation, however additionally the nearby procurement skew, which leaves the bulk of vegetation in addition to small and marginal farmers at the mercy of the marketplace withinside the absence of assistance from the authorities.

Still, the MSP call for maintains considering its miles the simplest assist to be had to farmers at a time whilst farm gate fees for maximum vegetation are declining.

Also, due to the fact fees are possible to move down similarly because of weakened call for within the economic system and a sustained upward push in entry fees. MSP-primarily based procurement is not going to provide an answer for the low charge realisation of maximum agricultural produce.

With authorities budgets strained, the answer lies in enhancing get admission to non-public markets and making them extra dependable and transparent. Despite their flaws, APMC mandis do assist farmers.

What India desires is to decorate their garage and logistics infrastructure and modify markets well, now no longer weakening the present machine. 

Impact on economy

Indian financial system will face a disaster if a regulation is made for making sure minimal guide rate (MSP) for crops, Anil Ghanwat, a member of the Supreme Court-appointed committee on farm laws, stated.

His comments got here amid needs through protesting farmers for regulation on MSP while they’ve hailed the choice for withdrawal of 3 farm laws. “If there’s going to be a regulation (on MSP), we (India) will face a disaster.

With the regulation, if the (procurement) system is going down someday, nobody could be in a position to shop for the products as buying it at a rate decrease than the MSP could be unlawful and they (traders) could be installed jails for it,” Ghanwat informed ANI. 


The Minimum Support Price is a key coverage of the Union Government to decide the ground rate of predominant agricultural commodities so that the farmers are blanketed from middlemen and the fluctuating marketplace situations on the way to offer them a confident marketplace further to a minimal confident return.

However, there are masses of hurdles within the implementation of the MSP scheme, just like the low procurement of plants apart from wheat and paddy, put off within the statement of the MSP, loss of right cognizance approximately the MSP amongst farmers, heavy transportation cost, loss of garage facilities, etc.

A right implementation of the proposed idea of the Market Assurance Scheme and the Price Deficiency Procurement Scheme, if you want to decentralise the manner of procurement of coarse grains, oilseeds and pulses, etc. might also additionally show useful to the farmers who are suffering through dropping their investments within the case of falling rate within the marketplace ruled through the middlemen. 


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