What is ONE NATION ONE ID (APAAR ID) ? All you must Know


One nation and One ID is started and initiated by the NEP(National Educational policy).It was initiated for the benefits of school students for their academics and their activities. It was introduced for school students for their academics.,i.e.., mark sheet , Bio data ,Transfer certificate(TC) and other vocational certificates courses and in their competitions which are District level ,State level competitons,where students should be participated in their school period (lower classes to higher classes).

So in that,National educational policy which incorporated with to the ABC., i.e..,Academics Bank of Credits.In Academic bank of credits who are already introduced in college students for their digitalized the documents.

By Academic Bank of Credits is now initiated with to the National Educational Policy for digitalized the school students documents from hard copy documents, so that the scheme which was introduced as One nation One Student ID that is known as Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry (APAAR ID).In this APAAR ID which was planned by the union ministry as per on the National Educational Policy(2020),to create and make an unique ID numbers for all school students where can be easily access throughout the nation.

The APAAR ID is a significant initiative that will revolutionize the education sector in India. By digitizing and centralizing academic data, the APAAR ID will make it easier for students to manage their academic careers and avail various government benefits. The APAAR ID will also help educational institutions to improve their efficiency and effectiveness. For example, schools and universities will be able to use the APAAR ID to track student attendance, manage admissions, and generate reports.


APAAR ID is a unique identification number for all the school students from their lower education to the higher education (Pre KG to 12th) for digitalized their all documents which relates to all their academics, vocational courses, sports, culturals, any related to records, etc.., So, for this, union ministry which tries to digitalized their documents with their consent of their parents.

The ministry of education will  generate the APAAR ID number to each of the students with their consent of the student’s parent. This lifelong ID number will track students’ academic journeys and achievements, making it easier for them to transfer schools, apply for higher education, and avail various government benefits.

The Ministry of education involved this process of creating APAAR unique identification numbers with to the Academic Bank of credits. “APAAR and National Credit Framework will be the QR code for learners across India. Every skill they pick up will be credited here,” T G Sitharaman, AICTE chairman said. In this APAAR ID have an addition of 12 digit Aadhar ID that every student has been done by the national credit framework and with the guidance of the National Educational policy with the consent of their parents.

By this APAAR ID which is most useful to all the students who can get the all the benefits of the union ministry and the ministry of the education.The ministry of education which guided to linked with to the aadhar number of each and every students with their consent of the students’s parents.

The state school educational department has asked to organize and conduct a meeting for parents on the date of October 16th -18th of 2023 and ordered to all educational institution to discuss about the significance,benefits and pros. of the APAAR ID which under initiated by the National Educational Policy (2020) and importance of the APAAR ID and Digilocker.

The details of the students will be uploaded on the portal,when the parents will give consent to upload the details of their students in websites of ministry of educational department.At the same time,the parents can withdraw their consent any time.The educational department assured that the details of the students are been masked and it will be monitored, the government agencies will have authority to access the details of the students for the security reasons.

What are the Benefits of APAAR ID:

  • It helps to track their educational progress and achievement of the students
  • Students can use their credit score in their digital platform like Olympiad,sports,skill training.
  • It made the easy process of transferring students from one school to another school.
  • This APAAR ID which is useful for their future higher education or any employment purposes.
  • It reduces the burden of school institutions which are private and government institutions for rectify of producing wrong certificates to students, in which may affect their career like employment, jobs, etc,..
  • It may helps to the students,for getting their certificates of academics in their digilocker id which is interlinked to the APAAR ID.
  • Aadhar number will be masked due to privacy of the individuals and it will be showed to only government organization.
  • If students are completed their academics data such as in state board educational institution, the certificates are transferred to their digilocker id with linked to their APPAR ID.
  • It may more useful to rural area students,they can access their documents at anywhere by using of the APAAR ID with the digilocker.
  • It includes of the personal information such as name,age,address,gender,date of birth,photography and signature which may includes.
  • It may engage and entities in various educational activities,scholarship,educational institutions
  • It will helps to monitor students activities in academics by their parents through his/her parent’s mobile.
  • For reducing the burden of the government institutions for updating of students details of academics in the state board of education portal and students can get their digitalized documents at any time,if they needed.
  • This APPAR ID number is a lifelong id number for academics tour and achievements 
  • This can be used and utilized for entrance tests conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA), admissions, scholarship disbursement, government benefit transfers, and award issuance for NEET(National Eligibility cum Entrance Test),CLAT(Common Law Admission Test),AILET(All India Law Entrance Test).
  • APPAR and the National Credit Framework will generate the QR code for each and every students who can be more easy to access of their students ID with consent of their parents.Eg., Like using of QR scanner like the payments which are transferred from one bank to another bank account like Google pay,Phonepe,paytm.


One nation and one student id which is nothing but of a identification id which collection of details of the school students from lower education to higher education like academics,sports,vocational courses,awards,marksheet,transfer certificates for easy access for each and every school students.It also helps to monitor of his/her children in their academics and their academics activites.

So,it was initiated by the Union ministry and the ministry of education with the scheme of National Education Policy(NEP) 2020,where introduced as APAAR ID (Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry) .It was linked with aadhar number with 12 digit number and it is done with a consent of their parents for uploading the students details in the websites and it can be revoked by any time by their parents.

In this APAAR Id which is used for the transfer of students certificates and their academic marksheet access at any time any place in the nation and it also more useful for the entrance test using their credit in the Academic Bank of Credit.It was more useful to the students and the educational organization like private educational institution and government educational institution.It is most welcoming initiative which given by the ministry of education and it is potential transform the educational sector in India and male it more efficient and inclusive.

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