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 In this article we’ll be taking about the offences related to weights and measures under section 264 – 267. When we talk about weights and measures it means it includes quantity, capacity, volume, or dimensions of anything. The offences related to measures and weights take place when one person acts fraudulently and convince the other to believe that the weights and measures he is providing are accurate and genuine, when actually they are not. Under chapter 6 of Indian penal code, offences related to measures and weights are mentioned.

The following sections talk about the offences related to weights and measures –

Fraudulent use of false instruments for measuring-

Section 264 states that when someone uses any instrument for fraudulently for weighing which he is in the knowledge that it is false instrument, that person shall be punishable with imprisonment of either description for a tern not more than 1 year or fine or both. Which means using of a false instrument knowingly to cause fraud to the other person for weighing and measuring goods.

The nature of the offence is baillable and non-cognizable which can be tried by any magistrate.

Fraudulent use of false weight or measure-

Section 265 mentions that if a person fraudulently uses false weight or false measures of capacity, or uses the weights or measures fraudulently any weight different from what it is, shall be punishable with same as above section 264.

False weight or measure in the possession-

Section 266 talks about when a person is in possession of any instrument for weighing, or of any weight or of any other measures of length or capacity  knowingly to be false with the intention to commit fraud , shall be punished with the imprisonment of either term of  description of one not more than 1 year , or fine or both. 

Making or selling false measures and weights –

Section 267 says that whoever sells or disposes or makes any instrument which is of the nature of false weight or measure of length and capacity with intention as well knowledge of a fraud shall be punished with the term as mentioned in the above sections.

Conclusion –

 In IPC the offences related to measures and weights implies that if someone ever tries to temper or fraud with the weights and measures of capacity and length is punishable with imprisonment for a term not exceeding 1 year, or fine or both also the four sections deals with making or selling of the fraudulent instrument , use of fraudulent instrument for the same and the very essential of the offense are the intention and knowledge of doing or committing fraud.

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