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Transfer of Property: Basics

Oral transfer of Property below the Transfer of Property Act A transfer of property is also created while not writing in each case during which a piece of writing isn’t expressly needed by law. In a terribly renowned case of Sarandaya Pillay v Sankarlinga Pillai, Ramaswami J., of Madras court…

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Immovable Property: Transfering Provisions

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Introduction  The term “property” is used in a variety of contexts. When one looks around the area, everything that is available might be classified as Property. Property can be defined as any tangible or intangible object that has some value to humans. The property’s most important feature is the value…

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Sale of Immovable Property

Sale simply means buying and selling of goods and services, under Transfer of Property Act, 1882 the Sale is of immovable property. Before jumping into further details regarding the sale of immovable property. Section 3 of the Act is the Interpretation-clause, which provides for the meaning of key terminologies –…

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