Liability of partner & firm for wrongful acts


The liability of all the partners of a firm conjointly or together is mentioned underneath Section 25 of the Indian Partnership Act, 1932. It lays down the very fact that each partner of the firm may be command liable put together or severely for all acts done by the firm whereas he or she could be a partner of the firm.

The partnership could be a distinctive variety of contract and is ruled by the Indian Partnership Act, 1932. Section four of the Indian Partnership Act, 1932 states that “Partnership” is that the relation between persons WHO have in agreement to share the profits of a business carried on by all or any of them acting for all. Persons WHO have entered into a partnership with each other square measure referred to as separately, partners and put together ‘a firm’, and also the name underneath that their business is carries on is named the firm name. 

* Rights of Partners in Partnership Firm 

1.  Rights to require half within the conduct of the business [Section twelve (a)]: 

 each partner of the partnership firm has the correct to participate within the conduct of its business. In some cases, sure partners would simply invest cash within the business and let different partners take hold of the conduct of the business. In any case, it doesn’t imply that the partner is waiving their right to participate within the conduct of the business which he won’t be able to participate in it at a later stage. it’s necessary that each one partners have the correct to participate within the conduct of business himself, no matter the very fact that the correct is punctually exercised or not.

2.  Right to precise opinion [Section 12(c)]: 

Partners square measure presented upon with this right to voice any disagreement on a problem associated with business thus on acquire a accord of all partners. Since it’s a partnership firm, all members have Associate in Nursing equal right and thus no unilateral call may be taken. it’s pertinent for such right to be in situ for the conduct of a sleek business since those selections impact the profitableness of the business. Therefore, Associate in Nursing agreement of all partners altogether such crucial selections is imperative.

3.  Rights to access accounts [Section 12(d)]: 

Every partner has the correct to own access, inspect, and a replica of any of the books of the firm. This right is in situ so all partners stay answerable to every different in any event of hassle.

4.  Right to share in profits [ Section 13(b)]:

 each partner within the firm is entitled to receive a share within the profit of the firm. It doesn’t need to be equally divided, totally different proportions may be nominal once sign language the partnership deed and may be altered with a brand new contract.

5.  Interest on capital [Section 13(c)]: 

Any partner WHO invests capital within the firm, doesn’t have the correct to earn interest thereon. however if the agreement states thus, the interest becomes due  solely out of the profits of the firm.

6.  Right to interest on extra capital or loan [Section 13(d)]:

 during a case wherever a partner invests over his share within the capital or has given some cash as a loan to the firm at the speed per the agreement, then he encompasses a right to urge interested on constant. or else, if no charge per unit has been prearranged, the partner will receive constant at the speed of 6 June 1944.

7.  Right to indemnity [Section 13(e)]:

 A partner, if a case of emergency arises with the intent to guard the firm from any loss, acts as a prudent person with the traditional degree of intelligence would do to guard the firm, incurs Associate in Nursing expense or Associate in Nursing obligation upon such activities, has the correct to be indemnified by the firm for the same act.

8.  Right within the firm’s property:

 each partner could be a joint owner of the firm’s property unless Associate in Nursing agreement has been written stating the contrary, it’ll be likely every partner has Associate in Nursing equal share within the firm. The property of the firm includes all property bought from the firm’s cash and used solely for the firm’s conduct of business.

9.  Right to depart the firm: 

Each partner encompasses a right to depart the firm when receiving consent from the opposite partners. If a partnership is at can, mere notice of intention is to tend and also the partner will leave the firm.

10.  Right to not be expelled: 

Each partner will still be within the partnership and can’t be expelled at can by the accord of different partners unless he’s facing a charge of getting committed a breach of his duty of excellent religion.

11.  Right to try and do competitive business:

In exclusion to the circumstances listed in Section 36(1) of the Act, Associate in Nursing outgoing partner maintains the correct to conduct a competitory business.

* Liabilities of Partners in Partnership Firm

1.  Liability of partners for the acts of the firm [Section 25]: 

All partners are going to be command ‘jointly and severally liable’ for any acts of the firm. The liability can solely arise if such acts were drained pursuance of him acting as a partner of the firm. 

There is a vicarious liability of the firm. Vicarious liability suggests that the liability of someone for the incorrect act done by another vicarious liability relies on 2 maxims that square measure ‘Quit facit per alium facit per see which implies ‘He WHO acts through another will the act himself’ and ‘Respondeat Superior’ which implies ‘Let the Superior be Liable’. 

* Case law

 Smt. Vunna Visali v. State of Andhra Pradesh

 it absolutely was command by the court that each partner is accountable for Associate in Nursing ‘act of the firm’. ‘Act of a firm’ has been printed to mean ‘any act or omission by all the partners or by any partner or agent of the firm which ends during a right enforceable by or against the firm’. this is {often|this can be} often the civil liability of the firm and its partners.

The firm is formed liable just in case of 2 situations:

A.  Liability of the Firm for Wrongful acts of a Partner

B.  Liability of Firm for Misapplication by Partners

2.  Liability of the firm for the wrongful act of partner [Section 26]:

 {in a|during a|in Associate in Nursing exceedingly|in a very} case of any wrongful act or omission to try and do an act by any of the partners within the conduct of the normal course of the business or with the accord of different partners, the firm are going to be command at risk of constant extent as a partner would are command liable. 

* Case laws

Venkat v. Natesa, (1939) I MLJ 905:

In this matter, N and K entered into a partnership to produce merchandise to jails whereby K provided capital for the partnership business and N did the work. K bribed officers to create entries within the account books as things of expenses. N conjointly paid out firm funds in bribes. 

In a suit filed by N against K for the dissolution of partnership and taking of accounts, K objected to the quantity spent in graft by N being taken in account. N objected to the amounts spent in graft by K. The Court command that neither N nor K was authorised to debit the partnership with cash spent for Associate in Nursing illegitimate purpose.

Hamlyn v. John Houston & Co 

In this case, X and Y were partners during a firm and X was a operating partner out of the 2. Hamlyn was someone WHO was operational an analogous business to it of X and Y. Hamlyn clerk was bribed by X for obtaining some necessary data that was the confidential entries with the main points of the third parties. 

This data was utilized by X for creating his business flourishing. As presently as Hamlyn realized the fraud vie on him by X and his clerk he sues X’s firm for damages. Damages were awarded by the court however a crucial question arose before the court of whether or not the Y is accountable for the wrongful act shunned his consent and information. it absolutely was command by the Court that each one the partners of the firm square measure to blame for the wrongful act committed by the partners of the firm.

3.  Liability of a firm for the misapplications by partner [Section 27]:

 during a case wherever a partner receives a add of cash from a 3rd party and misuses it or the firm receives the same quantity and also the quantity is illegal by any of the partners, then during this event, the firm are going to be command at risk of acquire the of import loss suffered. 

As per Section twenty seven of the Indian Partnership Act

1.  Any cash or property received by a partner from a 3rd party within the exercise of his authority is misapplied by the partner or,

2.  Any cash or property is received by the firm within the course of business, is misapplied by the partner.

Then the firm shall be accountable for constant.

Clause (a) of Section twenty seven varies from clause (b), underneath clause (a) to carry the firm liable it’s necessary to prove that a partner whereas acting in an understandable authority has received cash or property from the third party. 

The property thus received shall be deemed because the property received by the firm. it’s digressive whether or not the co-partners have any awareness of the delivery of that property. as a result of a partner receives that money or property as Associate in Nursing agent of the firm.

However, the firm won’t be accountable for the property misapplied by a partner once

1.  The partner or agent has that property, not within the course of business,

2.  Such property was received by him not underneath the authority of Associate in Nursing agent except for his personal use. 

Clause (b) of Section twenty seven lays down that wherever a firm obtains cash or property from the third party within the course of business, and any partner of that firm misapplied that property whereas the property is within the custody of the firm, the firm is at risk of build the nice the loss. 

* Case laws

Rhodes v. Moules, (1895) one Ch 236

In this case, one in every of the partners of a firm of a solicitor was requested by a shopper to get a loan for the shopper on the mortgage of some property. The same partner told the shopper that the mortgagees needed some extra security and therefore obtained from the shopper some share warrants due  to the bearer. 

He afterwards illegal the share warrants and absconded. the opposite partners had no awareness of the deposits of the warranties and resulting appropriation thence. it absolutely was found that on some earlier occasions such share warrants had been received through constant partner from constant shopper by this firm. 

It was, therefore, command that it absolutely was inside the apparent authority of the partners to receive the share warrants, the partners were accountable for the misappropriation of the warrants created within the case. 

To make the firm accountable for the acts of a partner, it’s necessary that such a partner whereas receiving cash or property from a 3rd party acted inside his apparent authority. If the act done isn’t permissible underneath such authority, the firm can’t be created accountable for constant.

Cleather v. Twisden, twenty eight Ch D 340: 

One of the partners of a firm of solicitors received some bonds due  to the bearer and illegal constant. it absolutely was found that the reception of such securities for safe custody wasn’t a vicinity of the business and consequently it absolutely was command that the opposite partners couldn’t be command accountable for constant. 

The position would are totally different if receipts of such bonds had been inside the understood authority of the partner involved.  

Written By: Akshat Singh


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