Human trafficking is prevalent in areas with rural populations when the literacy rates are comparatively lower and the most marginalized communities are the worst victims. The trafficking word itself includes a wide variety of illegalities, where smuggling is the primarily evident one.

Human trafficking is a crime, which remains very much unheard, despite its critical proposition. There have been numerous legislations, that have been discussed, passed, entitled, and implemented. But after all this, the crime rates are surging to their peak. The instances of human trafficking bother the female gender the most, statistically.

 The women and children, are tortured vigorously by their own families and are thrown to the mouth of danger by their members. Thus, the environment of being stable and safe is a turning myth. In a country like India, where you worship the deities in the name of women and utilize the womb of the very same gender for the international illegal trade is very much surprising.

Although, the laws are already juxtaposed and are hence not dynamic. The issue of trafficking is there in society for years. In our country, the laws have seemingly in regulating the occurrences of the crime.  


To look diligently, the NGOs have worked better in combating the issue than the authorized government bodies. Typically, we consider our society as under developing, a patriarchal one, an orthodox one.

In this society, where people enjoy the largest democracy privilege, they don’t enjoy absolute freedom, the sense of fear prevails. The sense of being harassed and utilized is something that stays within a soul to the mind. The concept of family bonding, respecting each other’s sentiment, considering the versatility of the relationships is what even influences the black minds. 

Apart from all this, the audacity of the people to engage others without consent is something that needs to be deliberated upon. All this eventually gives rise to the making of human trafficking. Even, domestic violence is one of the causes, a prime odd factor that acts as a catalyst to suppress voices. 

India, a country of diverse beliefs, customs, and rules where entertaining practices like trafficking humans for personal benefits and wellbeing are highly unacceptable and hurting. Playing with the trust and belief of a person and leading him to a worse living is a sin which needs to be eradicated from our country, the practice is carried on from thousands of years ago and not only in our country but on alien land as well. 

There is a constant effort all around the world to revive and protect people from the web of this malicious act. The need of the hour is to address band let people take the call on, “what exactly constitutes human trafficking”?

It isn’t merely the education, which failed us nor the entire laws and regulations. The thing which we lack is the administration and awareness. The present significance of this study is to understand the girth of the system. This is the actual time to self-evaluate and ask whether we withstand what we think, is our ideology based on practicalities. 

There are numerous prejudices, stereotypes, straight discrimination, which infringe the liberty, equality, sovereignty of one individual self. These differences are the conducting body where the practices grow.

The social stigma and taboos are to be eradicated; the respective representations need to be considered. The voices of each individual, moreover the ones who are the victims should be more often heard and these people should be helped through hook or crook.


There are many causes that lead to human trafficking, some dominant one is mentioned below:

1. Poverty:

Traffickers give a temptation of job security to the people living in a slum or under-developed area which leads the people to move or migrate to the regions offered by the wrongdoers. People get exploited even worse in the cities which makes them supposed to do accordingly as asked by the exploiters to earn the daily living and survival.

This slow process of deteriorating life quality of people leads to the web of human trafficking. People also come under the influence of the people knowing that there’s something fishy but because of their poor condition either it is due to a natural disaster or in the greed of having a better lifestyle and income.

2. Women and children being a soft target of Human Trafficking:

In a patriarchal like India, women are not given equal importance and opportunities which leads them to find a way of earning by any other means despite being illiterate. Their illiteracy is a plus point to misguide them and use a matter of profit.

Also, many cultural and social beliefs make the situation of women bad to live in and vulnerable to the event of trafficking in the urge of upliftment. Women are highly used for sex trafficking and children being illiterate come into the trap of traffickers as well.

There are many other reasons like political reasons or the problem in identifying the causes of human trafficking because of their sharp traumatizing power over victims, labor at low-cost demand, and many other minor reasons too.


1. Sex trafficking:

 – In this, the victim is trafficked and used for the purpose of prostitution.

2. organ trafficking:

– in this, the victim is selected and trafficked for the organ needed.

3. labour trafficking:

– In this, the victims in large numbers are trafficked over the industries/mines and are forces to work under low /no wages.

4. domestic trafficking:

– These are usually maids and household workers who are trafficked for the regular house chores.


In “Laxmi Kant Pandey vs Union of India, 1984”: In this case, the judgment was delivered by the Supreme Court bench where adoption of babies internationally was supported but only under the fulfilment of a condition that the life of the adopted kid is full of morals and abandoned with necessities.

Thus, to prevent any misfortune with the adopted child. The judgment said that proper monitoring of the adoptions needs to be made so that the kid doesn’t get into any sort of trafficking.


  • Domestic legislation strengthening is important for a proper obligating path of human trafficking.
  • There are certain rights for women and their kids but the unawareness of those rights makes the women or girls feel helpless, thus a proper system of awareness camps needs to be organized for the welfare of children or women. And, the rights as mentioned in the constitution should be made more approachable to the people.
  • National Human Rights Commission should perform effective research all over the country and study the reasons for human trafficking to combat it in the near future. The commission has a major purpose of the job to safeguard the human rights of people throughout the country and a primary need for human rights safety is to the sufferers of Human trafficking whether it be a male, female, or any gender irrespective of the age.
  • The migration of people from one country to another needs to be looked into carefully. Serious criminal events like trafficking humans or body parts of humans could be ceased only if the securities and inspection at the terminals of countries.
  • Such events leave a strong impact on the victims guiding them to the blanket of sorrow and depression even after the rescue, so for making their life back to a normal situation many rehabilitation centers need to be set up and worked on.  
  • The entire scenario could be prevented if the victims would have been educated or employed enough to understand the web of cozen. So, a proper track for education and employment should be built for males, females irrespective of gender and they should be made bold enough to estimate the consequence of their step or financially independent enough to stay devoid of any inclination of false earning methods introduced by the crime committers.


Human trafficking has been a persistent hindrance in the route to obtain a developed status of nation restricting the progressing and prosperity as a whole. It has usually impacted the vulnerable group which includes people of a poverty line financial status or restricted due to social and moral beliefs.

We need to protect their security, freedom, and happiness by taking some appropriate steps. It has been evident that a crime that starts for a fact of business later becomes a huge social evil. We need to conduct seminars or webinars internationally to make normal people and government as a single unit and proceed for the same.

The vulnerable group needs to be made aware of it most importantly, by making them literate or joining hands with any NGO to go ahead and organize awareness camps for them. Timely steps are the need of the hour, otherwise, it will be too late to combat a social evil like ‘Human Trafficking’.


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