Bitcoin a challenge for the Indian Financial system?

A lot of cryptocurrencies have been developed following the invention of bitcoin, but it is also one of the most sought-after and highly valued crypto-assets. Crypto enthusiasts appreciate the value of both bitcoin and the blockchain, and it has inspired many developers to invest time and effort in the creation of a cryptocurrency, such as bitcoin. The bitcoin market is volatile and largely unpredictable, but the rate of increase in the value of bitcoin has impressed and attracted investors.

List of Challenges faced by Bitcoin Market

Less Supportive Mobile Platforms

Undоubtedly mаny corporations аnd аgenсies hаve stаrted suрроrting bitсоins,  however, it is quite shосking tо see thаt the teсh-giаnts соmраnies nonetheless dо nоt suрроrt bitсоin оn mоbile рlаtfоrms.  In fасt,  teсh giаnts like gооgle аnd аррly аre deсiding tо bаn а  bitсоin wаllet’s аррliсаtiоns оn their арр stоre.  Even аfter knоwing thаt teсh-giаnts аre nоt suрроrting bitсоins,  sоme develорers аre nevertheless сreаting bitсоin wаllet аррliсаtiоns аnd hаrming the eсоnоmiс eсоdevice. The рорulаr аnd nicely-renоwned соmраnies аre nоt раrtiсiраting in deаls оf bitсоin. This is pretty а  сhаllenge fоr bitсоin customers.

Dawdling Challenges

The most important challenge that the bitcoin community is facing is the long term this is taken by way of the device to system the bitcoin transactions. This prevents agencies from accepting crypto tokens. The project of dawdling transaction happens when the transaction is processed on the blockchain. The common time that a bitcoin transaction takes to get confirmed is around 43 mins. The principal purpose behind the dawdling transactions is the transaction cost fee that is for people who want to get their transactions to affirm first.

Customers who don’t pay the transaction rate want to look ahead to hours to complete their transactions. As an example, while you visit a retail shop to shop for something, you pay for that item with bitcoin. The transaction is needed to be validated first at the blockchain, and miners do that task. The miners are the specialized computers that use specialised computing strength to solve the complex mathematical algorithms to verify the transactions and mine new coins.

Costly Transactions

The bitcoin transactions are subject to the transaction cost fee, which creates a pending line of transactions. The transactions are implemented according to the transaction fee that is paid to verify the transaction fast. Users who want to complete their transaction need first to pay an extra transaction fee to get it completed. This will, in turn, make the transaction expensive gratuitously.

Businesses hesitate to accept bitcoin as a payment method because of the slow and costly transactions it offers. Due to this issue, people are switching to other methods or currencies to complete transactions quickly and easily.

Less Privacy

Another major challenge that bitcoin users face is the lack of privacy. Each transaction is recorded on a distributed public ledger, i.e., on the blockchain, making users switch from bitcoin to other cryptocurrencies. People trust bitcoin because they have heard of a misconception that says bitcoin is a private system.

But the reality is completely different, and users must understand that the bitcoin network is anonymous but not completely private. In reality, bitcoin transactions are hashed and not encrypted, and this makes all of the transactions available for evaluation and public scrutiny.

People take into account it as a privacy situation that must be linked to bitcoin transactions. Many wallets and other tasks have reported less privateness, and consequently, it’s crucial to realize the wallets and pick the one cautiously.

Volatility of Prices

The volatility of prices additionally hangs in the stability of the potential of bitcoin and cryptocurrency in preferred. Even though bitcoin has received an enormous network following over time, there had been disputing a few of the network members for identifying the route it should take.

The compact user base has made the forex increasingly volatile. The steadiness predicted concerning a centralized authority machine to modify it’s going to increase as soon as people start to accept it. The doubts about bitcoin’s utilization and the resistance by foreign countries and international agencies to integrate the system and legalize it will continue to deteriorate the prices further.

Bad Imagery

Cryptocurrency, even after having gone thru a growth phase, nonetheless has a pr trouble. The phrases related are sufficient to conjure up pictures of recoil classified ads, low-pleasant campaigns, horrific actors, get wealthy quick schemes, and criminals alike. For lots of people, cryptocurrency spells out new technology for age-old scams and frauds.

Lack of Legislation

Virtual currencies are decentralized digital entities. They may be merely digital products, and our government aren’t geared to handle this superior technology. This is why the lack of law regulating those digital currencies and presenting any kind of user safety has come to be a large problem. The critical step that needs to be taken to lessen the risk includes educating and informing people about maintaining their private statistics secure. There may be nevertheless a gaping void wherein insurance and dedicated legislation needs to be placed.

Legal Obstacles

In addition to the lack of legislation, the other big obstacle that stands in the way of cryptocurrency holders like Bitcoin traders and users is the challenge to spend their holdings. The untraceable nature of bitcoin and its horrific imagery as a mode of finance for mega criminal activities like terrorist attacks and the drug exchange has made it quite scandalous in some international locations.

Cryptocurrency goes through a duration of abrupt halt in which nothing plenty seems to be going on around the technology. Consequently, you possibly can’t say for certain that what the destiny holds unless huge acceptability impacts those legal boundaries status inside the way of crypto-trading.

The approach of Indian Financial System towards Bitcoin

Financial Institutions are of the view that bitcoin is a disruptive technology and there is a concern that it could be threatened or even destroy the traditional financial transaction institutions. As a form of digital or cryptocurrency Bitcoin is slowly catching on to the old method of the transaction system. Moreover, businessmen and consumers around the planet are starting to observe how Bitcoin can provide greater flexibility, security and anonymity compared to the traditional centralized transaction system.

Now the traditional banks and other financial institutions are starting to think that they might need to adopt digital technology and a more flexible transaction system. Some institutions are pre-cautious Bitcoin destroy them and already have developed the technology that cryptocurrency does before. The threat of digital currency makes the managers bound to re-think for being digitalized. Besides this people have been getting attraction to invest money in Bitcoin only because of extraordinary features and profits rather than conventional financial institutions.

Bitcoin technology is a modern concept and people rely upon its operations due to its trustworthiness comparing with the traditional transaction system. Alongside cryptocurrencies fasten a belt and braces to the traditional transactional system and get more popularity which the threat for such institutions is to survive in the future.


In the case of Internet and Mobile Association v. RBI, a 180-page long judgment by Justice V. Ramasubramanian, the Supreme Court struck down a long-standing circular which prohibited cryptocurrency circulation in the country on the below-mention grounds:

          1.       The RBI cannot misuse its power to regulate Virtual Currencies;

          2.       The prohibition for any exchange that facilitates the use of cryptocurrencies is disproportionate;

          3.       And it is ultra vires under Article19 (1)(g) of the Constitution, which states that business dealing in legitimate trade is protected by the fundamental right to carry on any occupation, trade or business.



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