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Course Description:

Negotiation & Mediation Training Program. A 12-hour training program formulated for students to give them a foundational understanding of the principles of negotiation and mediation and enable simulated roleplays for practical experience.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion students should be able to identify the 7 elements of negotiation, 5 stages of negotiation/mediation, role of a mediator, and be able to effectively participate in a negotiation/mediation as client, counsel, and mediator.

Instructor Information:

Mohit Mokal, BA.LLB, LLM, Accredited Mediator from IMI, SIMI, ADR ODR and CMC UK. Mohit is the Founder of Mohit Mokal Mediation. He has trained and mentored over 1000 students, participated in over 50 mediation & negotiation competitions in the capacity of a participant, coach, judge and organiser. He is committed to the capacity building of students and young professionals alike in the field of dispute resolution.

Course is helpful for:

1- All the law students, both doing undergraduate or post graduate Degree; Five year or 3 year

2- All the Young law professionals, practicing advocates

3- All the young professionals inteested in the subject and wants to excel the skill

Course Outline

Dates – 5th 6th & 7th Jan 2024

Program Cost: Rs. 2,500 per student.

Mode: Virtual

Day 1

  • Module 1: Parking Paradox – Negotiation Exercise
  • Module 2: Negotiation Process
  • Module 3: Negotiation Styles and Techniques

Day 2

  • Module 4: Stages of Mediation
  • Module 5: Roleplay 1 – Senju Tribe and Luffy Danjo
  • Module 6: Communication & Language (Practice Exercises)

Day 3

  • Module 7: Communication Techniques (Practice Exercises)
  • Module 8: Causes for Impasse & Intervention Techniques
  • Module 9: Settlement Agreement
  • Module 10: Careers in ADR
  • Module 11: Roleplay 2 – The Case of the Misbehaving Machines

Course Materials:

2 Roleplays including General Information and Confidential Information, Handout – List of Sample Questions, Negotiation Plan Template.

Course Policies:

Is it mandatory that participants attend at least 9 modules out of the 11 and must participate in both roleplays. Participants who are unable to complete the course objectives will not receive a certificate of completion. Performance in the roleplays and understanding of the concepts will be assessed by the trainer.

Contact Information:

For more information Contact:

The Legal Lock: 9997113838 (Varun Agarwal), 7247883885 (Paarth Jain)

Course Evaluation:

Participants will be given a feedback form at the end of the program to evaluate the trainer, the quality of the program and provide additional feedback.

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